Patrol Services

Patrol Services Our highly trained mobile patrol officers are ready to help reduce problems at your site or community. Our uniformed and plain clothes officers are trained to recognize problems and respond quickly in an appropriate manner, with instant communication capabilities to call in additional Bangor Security or law enforcement for emergency response.

Our Patrol Services Can Include:

  • Scheduled or random onsite patrols with interior and exterior inspections and random patrol patterns
  • Lock-up services
  • Community inspections
  • Reporting of security and safety issues
  • Fire watch
  • Maintenance checklists
  • Alarm and incident response
  • Highly visible, clearly marked vehicles & much more!! 

Our Patrols are backed by SilverTrac  


Full Officer Accountability & Transparency

We give you access to view officer patrol activity in real-time. Our guard tour tracking software with GPS technology gives you real-time access to view officer patrol activity. This helps to ensure that officers are on site, alert, checking all posts and completing their tours. Better yet the software will send you an alert if your officers are not..


Tell a More Complete Story

Silvertrac’s digital guard tour system software provides a complete story of every security guard tour with:

  • Custom tour sequences
  • Step-by-step post instructions
  • Live tour updates
  • GPS mapping/checkpoint verification
  • Optional photo and/or written note reporting requirements for increased accountability
  • Instant notifications on checkpoint scanning

Start experiencing the Bangor Security Services difference today. Call us at 1- 877-226-4675 for patrol services custom designed to meet your specific needs.