Construction Security

Comprehensive construction site security is crucial for protecting a new development. But it’s often overlooked or under-staffed. This poses a significant security risk for developers, contractors, and future homeowners while increasing the potential for major on-site issues. Every Bangor Security Services construction site guard is trained in both proactive and reactive site protection – keeping your property and people safe at all times.

Why Choose Bangor Security Services for construction site security?

Open construction sites present significant legal liability. If left unguarded, property developers face threats ranging from on-site injuries to property graffiti, damage, or destruction. Even damage to adjacent property caused by intruders to an unguarded site can lead to significant liability exposure. Mitigating these risks requires an effective construction security plan and the right team of construction site security guards. At Wincon Security, our professionals receive full pre-deployment training and are briefed on site-specific requirements before arriving at your new development. Our construction site guards are always fully prepared and in uniform and are dedicated to meeting your needs by leveraging our flexible and adaptable approach to security.




Clients choose Bangor Security construction site security guards because they:

  • Are polite, courteous, and always prepared
  • Are fully prepared to do their job when they arrive at your construction site
  • Are communicative and flexible in their approach
  • Keep you fully informed with daily report logs
  • Are trained in proactive and reactive risk mitigation