Event Security

Bangor Security Services provides a full array of security services including ushers, ticket takers, crowd control professionals, guest services staff, metal detecting personnel, bag checkers, field/court security, concert security, parking attendants and bicycle patrol to a variety of high-profile venues.

Event security is important to ensure the safety of attendees. It involves having trained personnel to monitor entrances, exits, and other areas of the event. Security measures can also include the use of metal detectors and other forms of surveillance.

Why Have Security at Events?

Ensuring security at special events is and should always be a critical component in any event planners’ thoughts when organizing any size event, be it a festival, fair, demonstration, concert, or political campaign.

Criminals and terrorists view special events as “soft targets” (or low-hanging fruit), meaning these may become targets for crimes such as assault, terrorism, theft, and robbery. Offenders will see crowds as opportunities to steal or trespass, while terrorists view a gathering as a stage with a large audience.

Large crowds also present the opportunity for special interest groups to demonstrate publicly, potentially resulting in significant disruption. Event security companies protect against threats masked or posed by large gatherings by conducting extensive surveys and site observations, obtaining threat intelligence information from internal and external sources, developing detailed participant profiles, examining modes of transportation, and more. Bangor Security Services will tailor special event security solutions to specific venues, protecting against:

Examples of Events That Need to Hire Security 

Events that warrant the need for special event security solutions are:

  • Sporting events
  • Concerts
  • Political conventions
  • Celebrations
  • Entertainment events
  • Award shows
  • Trade shows
  • Corporate marketing events
  • Product sales and fundraisers
  • Political campaign rallies and other events
  • Exhibitions
  • Festivals

Invest in Security Solutions for Your Event Venue With Bangor Security Services

When you’re looking for event security for a special occasion, Bangor Security stands ready to assist you in every way. Our mission is to provide our clients with unrivaled services — no matter the size or location of the event. We have an outstanding track record of delivering exemplary event security solutions across America, ensuring your peace of mind by rising to any challenge.

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