When you are looking for top-notch armed security guards services in the United States, Bangor Security Services Inc. is your obvious choice.

As a leading armed security services provider throughout the United States, we have the right combination of experience, expertise, and commitment to deliver nothing but the best for our clients.

Our armed security services are highly competent and can meet all your security requirements, whether you own a commercial establishment or need personal security.

While we have licensed and experienced private armed security guards for hire at your location, we are also ready to meet any emergent situation on a 24/7 basis. Thanks to our quickest response times and well-trained personnel, we have earned the reputation of being the best in the business.

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When Are Armed Security Guards Used?

While not every business needs armed security guards, they are an invaluable asset in many situations. For instance, high-volume companies that handle large amounts of cash or have expensive assets on-site can benefit from a strong security presence to deter crimes such as robberies, burglaries and assaults. In these circumstances, guards may encounter individuals carrying weapons and must make an appropriate show of force.

Sadly, our K-12 schools and college campuses are sometimes the site of active shooter incidents resulting in mass casualties. An immediate armed response is essential for mitigating the threat and reducing injuries and loss of life. If the local police force cannot provide a school resource officer, the district may need to hire an on-site private armed security guard to protect students and staff members.

Large organizations that stage heavily attended events like off-site conferences, conventions and trade shows need a strong security presence, as any large gathering can become a target for criminals. A reputable armed security company can assist with screening visitors as they enter the facility, maintaining crowd control and surveilling the premises to detect and mitigate potential threats.

Why Do Businesses Hire Armed Security Guards?

Businesses utilize armed security services for several reasons:

  • Deterrence: Businesses operating in high-crime areas may need armed security for protection. The site of a uniformed individual with a weapon can often be enough to make would-be perpetrators think twice about executing their plans.
  • Safety: Armed security officers can help create a safer environment for workers and employees, letting everyone go about their business without fear.
  • Confidence: Armed security personnel receive extensive training in firearms use and other relevant skills, and they undergo a rigorous screening process before they set foot on a business property. Company owners can trust their professionalism and ability to react swiftly and appropriately to a potential threat.
  • Responsiveness: While law enforcement officers may patrol the area occasionally, they might not be in the vicinity when an incident occurs. Because armed security guards are on the premises, they can respond to a situation immediately.

Benefits of Armed Security Guards for Your Business

Armed security guard services can provide numerous business advantages. Because they help prevent theft, you’ll experience a reduction in financial losses and a healthier bottom line. A security presence can also attract more customers who will feel safe on your property. Plus, you can draw in and retain more qualified employees who want a comfortable, drama-free work environment.

The increased safety provided by armed security services can also help generate additional revenue. For instance, if you operate a retail establishment, shoppers will likely stay longer and buy more since they feel safe and comfortable at your location. Your workers will be more productive since they can focus on doing their jobs.

Another benefit of adding armed security is the peace of mind you’ll derive from knowing you’re doing everything possible to protect your property, staff and customers. You’ll be able to devote more time and attention to what matters the most — running your business.

Why Choose Bangor Security Services ?

We choose the best of the best security guards with a screening process that includes:

  • Comprehensive background verification
  • Drug test panels
  • Multi-level interviews

As with unarmed security guardsprivate armed security guards also have to meet and conform with each individual state’s regulations as well as undergo background verification processes with DOJ, FBI, local and state law agencies.

Our guards are also extensively trained in patrol techniques, defensive tactics, customer service and anti-terrorism.

The best of physical and mental training is what makes our armed security guards the toughest and the smartest in the industry.

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