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We are pleased to offer you a complimentary Security Assessment of your commercial or private property. 

It’s smart business to measure value against the cost of your security budget in today’s challenging environment. No matter if you’re considering a security program or you’ve already got one, a site security risk assessment is a critical step towards increasing the safety of your facility and its value. Business continuity planning is all about confirming your safety goals independently and objectively to better protect your employees, staff, assets, and investment.

Employees and managers can feel confident in a security program built on an understanding of where vulnerabilities exist and how to mitigate them.  From a security perspective, it shows the shortest distance between two points and bridges any gaps. A risk assessment is a gap study that protects a company’s most critical interests. A good site assessment is the foundation for theft mitigation, reducing liability claims, and ensuring business continuity.

Risk assessments come after risk identification. By assessing security risks, BANGOR SECURITY SERVICES creates practical, proven security recommendations that are easy to understand and implement. In order to help you make better decisions about your security situation, we assess your safety policies and protocols, use that knowledge to better understand your situation, and start the risk mitigation process by assessing your facility for physical security. You’ll get a summary of issues and recommendations tailored to your needs.

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