Away from home? Going on vacation?

At Bangor Security Services, we offer preventative measures that help safeguard your home.  Our house check services allow us to monitor and secure your home with scheduled frequency.  There are a vast array of protective checks that we perform.  Through our popular and widely recognized home check services, we provide great attention to detail. Bangor Security Services helps to minimize risks and helps to ensure that your property will be found in the same condition as it was left.  

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Home Check Services Includes:

  • Walk Entire Perimeter of Property
  • Check for Lawn Flooding and Storm Damage
  • Look for Exterior Vandalism and Signs of Forced Entry(including graffiti, broken windows, lawn debris)
  • Make Sure Doors Locked and Windows Secured
  • Ensure Garage Door Closed
  • Four Time Stamped Digital Photos of Property Exterior(front of house, back of house, yard, and garage)
  • Forward UPS and FedEx Packages
  • Collect and Forward Newspapers and Periodicals
  • Remove Flyers and Misc. Debris In and Around Front Door
  • Replace Expired Exterior Light Bulbs (where reachable)
  • Run Water Hose Spigots and Check Valve Hoses for Leaks
  • Confirm Contracted Landscaping / Pool Maintenance Services Performed
  • Comprehensive Report and Check List of Property Status Electronically Sent to Homeowner
  • Bangor Security is Fully Insured